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I write about my daily struggle: the balance between being and doing, between spending time with my family and keeping the house clean, between being still and knowing that God is God (Psalm 46:10) and getting the grading done. The practice of yoga teaches me a lot about that balance, so I write about the convergence of yoga, faith, work, and life.

I love to read, write, and play. I love water and summer and winter days by a fireplace with a good book. By trade, I’m a college writing instructor, and I’m also a writer, a yogi, and an amateur theologian. I’m married to Kylie, an enthusiastic board game store owner, and we have two amazing little girls who love to laugh and read and play games.

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I believe that God invites us to live fully in our whole bodies—that God talks to us through body, mind, and spirit. As a life-long reader, I’ve lived a lot of my life in my head, ignoring my body; when I hit depression, I literally thought I could think my way out of depression by going to graduate school for theology. When my mom dragged me to a yoga class, I realized that thinking was only part of the equation, and I began learning to listen to my body as well as my mind. Incorporating my body, mind, and spirit together has helped me work toward emotional health. I believe that God is present with us every day, in every tiny task, as close as our breath.

This belief is where the phrase Ruach Yoga comes from: in Hebrew, ruach means life-breath or spirit, as in the life-breath of God that sustains us every day (see Ezekiel 37 for a pretty dramatic story about ruach). Yoga means to yoke, or to join, and is generally thought of as a physical and mental practice. While I write a lot about postural yoga, I also practice the yoga of trying to notice God in every breath (yoking the two things together).

To that end, I write here on this blog when I can. I’m a recovering perfectionist, and perfectionists are the experts at doing things they “should” do, and I know that “good” bloggers post faithfully at least twice a week. But I’m learning not to “should” on myself. So I write when I have something interesting, honest, and hopefully inspiring to say. I give myself grace when I go weeks without a post, and I hope you do too.




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