Advent Sermon

Today I’m interrupting the blogging hiatus to upload an audio file. This morning I preached at The Open Door, giving my reflections on being pregnant during Advent. I’m not posting the transcript because I didn’t really follow it and I think the audio might be better. Enjoy!

I started the recording about a paragraph into the sermon, so here’s what you missed:

Good morning. It’s been a while since I’ve been up here. I try to preach once during every calendar year, so I’m getting my sermon for 2013 in just in time. Seriously, though, I asked BJ if I could preach during Advent this year because my very first sermon at the Open Door in 2007 was during Advent, and I was in a very different space in my life: I was a single woman talking about Advent. So when I realized I’d be nearly 8 months pregnant at the end of Advent, I wanted to require myself to think and reflect upon what it meant to be very pregnant during Advent, and I wanted the fruits of that reflection to be public for our community because I think it’s important that we talk about the reflections of our lives. We are all living books, living stones as 2 Peter says, or living stories for what God is doing in the world now.

And the recording – listen online 

Or listen on the go download: Reflections on Pregnancy during Advent

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