An audio yoga meditation, just for you!

Hi friends!

Today I’m giving you an experiment: a 20-minute Ruach Yoga session.

This idea has been percolating for a while, but I finally decided to Just Do It last week after reading Glennon Doyle Melton’s Momastery blog post about Being Suzanne. In her post, Glennon describes her endeavor as a mom to survive the craziness of summer vacation and having the kids home. Her summer sanity strategy includes a yoga class a day, which is a huge goal I know I couldn’t reach.

Glennon writes, “If I didn’t make it to yoga (which is what happened every day since I’m better at creating strategies than carrying them out) I’d do a little yoga video at home for a few minutes. Like four minutes. Mostly the lady would just say hello and I’d say hello and then I’d get bored and turn it off. But still, it counted.”

And it does! Four minutes totally counts! On some days, I celebrate the victory of simply lying down on my mat. Like, the effort of just showing up is enough.

I always still feel a little bit of guilt, though. It wasn’t a whole yoga class. I didn’t do it for an hour. I’m not a good yogiHow dare I write about yoga if I don’t practice an hour a day? These mantras are enough to paralyze a girl. They are not zen. Not yoga. These mantras do not reflect the practice of ahimsa: they are harming to my mind.

So I thought I’d create short yoga practices, short little devotionals designed to help people embrace a pocket of time a day to simply breathe, move, and be with God. To let everything go for just 20 minutes. To be Suzanne, or SO ZEN.

20 minutes. Can you do it?

If so, let me know what you think!

Ruach Yoga’s first ever audio session: Come, rest.

Necessary disclaimer: I’m not a doctor. I have never seen your body. If anything I suggest that you do is in any way painful, DON’T DO IT. Pay attention to your body. Honor it during your practice. 

Unnecessary disclaimer: This podcast is not perfect. If I waited until it were up to my standards of perfection, you would never hear it. So, if there’s anything that you would really like to see in a future session–if I do them–gently let me know in the comments. 

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