Back in the Swing of Things?

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I’m home again! But I’m not quite back into the swing of things. A red-eye flight and a day full of meetings will do that, I suppose. Somehow, I’m already planning my classes for next fall–but that’s because the book order is due. Soon…  I will be writing again.

So for today, I just want to briefly introduce you to the amazing mother-daughter, redheaded duo of Yahweh Yoga: DeAnna & Courtney.

On Saturday, I attended both of their classes back-to-back, which was super challenging and super special all at the same time. Being in their studio brought back memories of doing their teaching training alongside my own mom five years ago (I’m super blessed to have a yoga momma). My time with the cofounders of Yahweh Yoga was full of grace and smiles, and hopefully you’ll get to read about it in a book someday.

Also, if you haven’t heard, yoga is on trial this week in California. If I’m a bit quiet this week, it’s because I’m working up an article about this right now. Stay tuned.

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