Yoga and the Jesus Prayer

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This coming weekend, The Open Door is hosting a day-long Advent retreat to prepare for the next liturgical season. I can’t attend, but I wrote this body prayer for the retreat.

If you want to try it, center yourself with your breath first.

Then begin praying with your whole self: body, mind, and spirit.

The Jesus Prayer

You can do the following prayer in nearly whatever position you wish: standing, sitting in a chair, kneeling on the floor.

Lord                     hands palm up in front of you, like an offering

Jesus                    place the middle finger of the right hand on the palm of the left

Christ                   place the middle finger of the left hand on the palm of the right

Son of God         arms reach out to your sides, palms up
–                              sweep the arms up over your head, reaching to God

Have mercy on me                 fold forward, hinging from the hip, palms up in submission
–                                                           if standing: knees slightly bent, hands reaching for floor
–                                                           if sitting: place chest on thighs, hands reaching for floor
–                                                           if kneeling: Child’s Pose, arms extended overhead



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One thought on “Yoga and the Jesus Prayer

  1. Renee, I am up in Jasper at the New Day Yoga 500 hr teacher training. We miss you! I may do this prayer in the practice I’m teaching tomorrow night. Thank you!!

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