Body Prayer: Lord’s Prayer

PartTwoOn Sunday, I concluded a two-part series on Yoga and Christianity at East Liberty Presbyterian Church by teaching a gentle body prayer based on the Lord’s Prayer. Afterward, people commented that they loved moving in postures that fit with the words of the prayer–particularly bowing in request for forgiveness, and reaching out to others in offering forgiveness. Now you can try too! 

Our Father: hands in prayer position

Who art in heaven: hands lifted to heaven

Hallowed be thy name: arms outstretched

Thy kingdom come: left arm swings forward

Thy will be done: right arm swings forward

On earth: pull arms into chest

As it is in heaven: arms lifted to heaven

Give us this day: hands come down, palms up

Our daily bread: cup palms together like a bowl

And forgive us: forward fold—

Our trespasses: —hands reaching for the floor

As we forgive those who trespass against us: come up,
arms stretched forward in love

 Lead us not into temptation: left arm opens to the side

 But deliver us from evil: right arm opens to the side

 For thine is the kingdom: raise left arm up to center

And the power: raise right arm up to center

And the glory: jazz hands 

Forever and ever: bring the palms together

Amen: lower the hands into prayer position in front of the heart and bow the head


*This practice derived from body prayers created
by Carolyn Bluemle and Karen Kozlowski.
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