Body Prayer of Confession

2012-06-21 07.06.06Shortly after the Call to Worship, Presbyterian liturgy includes a Prayer of Confession. The idea is that when we come into God’s presence, we acknowledge where we have “missed the mark” (one of the definitions for sin), we acknowledge our need for God.

A few years ago, I put motions to this beautiful prayer of confession written by Michael Leunig in his book The Prayer Tree


Body Prayer of Confession

Begin in Collapsed Heart Pose (Standing (or sitting) and slumping, gaze down to the floor)

God help us find our confession;
The truth within us which is hidden from our mind;                 Bring hands to belly
The beauty or the ugliness we see elsewhere
But never in our ourselves;                                                            Bring hands to heart
The stowaway which has been smuggled
Into the dark side of the heart,
Which puts the heart off balance and causes it pain,                Begin shifting weight 
Which tips us in false directions and inclines us to destruction.             between feet
The load which is not carried squarely
Because it is carried in ignorance.                                                Fold forward


God help us find our confession,                                            Bend knees, open arms, rise
Help us across the boundary of our understanding.                       Raise arms up to sky
Lead us into the darkness that we may find what lies concealed;
That we may confess it towards the light;                                        Bring hands to heart
That we may carry our truth in the centre of our heart;
That we may carry our cross wisely                                            Open hands, palms up to sky 
And bring harmony into our life and our world.                             Or open arms wide

Prayer by Michael Leunig, The Prayer Tree
(Victoria, Australia: Dove, An Imprint of Harper Collins, 1991)
Movements by Renee Prymus

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