Finding Jesus in Down Dog: Christians Practicing Yoga

Finding Jesus in Down Dog: Christians Practicing Yoga is a book about how and why Christians practice yoga.

The story follows my quest to figure out what Christian yoga is—if Christians can practice it and how they’re doing it. My journey involves visiting with nine instructors who teach yoga from different Christian perspectives—some of whom avoid the co-opting term “Christian yoga” and call it “Christ-centered yoga” or “yoga from a Christian perspective.”

It’s a book that looks at why Christians can practice yoga (there’s a debate about that) and how Christians are practicing yoga—but it’s not a how-to manual. It’s a first-person quest narrative to figure out how yoga and Christianity fit together. I do so by visiting the foremost Christians who teach yoga, most of whom are affiliated with the Christians Practicing Yoga website.

I’m almost finished with the research (one interview left!) and am actively drafting the manuscript. Until the book is finished, you can find pieces of my story here on my blog, and samples of the various ways Christians practice yoga on the CPY website, which is a great place to get started if you want to learn more!

Prayer of Heart and Body

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