Breath Meditation

“God formed man from the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being.” –Genesis 2:7
Photo by Alice Aukeman, Labor Day 2012, Big Star Lake.
I want to call it “Breath of God.”
The great sea 
Has sent me adrift 
It moves me 
As the weed in a great river 
Earth and the great weather 
Move me 
Have carried me away 
And move my inward parts with joy.
Uvavnuk/Eskimo, found in The Breathing Book by Donna Fahri

Breath Practice: Ocean-Sounding Victory Breath (Ujjayi) 

“This breath can be practiced in a seated position as above, or lying down. To begin, inhale through your nostrils with a slight constriction of your throat, making a snoring sound. Maintain the slight snoring sound on the exhalation, and imagine that you are actually breathing from the back of your throat. I like to think of the sound as a wave gently rolling across pebbles. Breathe slowly, expanding the belly, the rib cage, and the upper chest. As you exhale, pull the abdomen in and up to empty your lungs completely. Let the breath be like a lullaby to yourself.”–Amy Weintraub, Yoga for Depression (138-9)

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One thought on “Breath Meditation

  1. I often tell my students at Gordon College who may take yoga only once or twice during their four years that if they only learn only one thing from yoga it ought to be the three part breath. Today you’ve reminded me of another yogic breath that I love and I’ll be bringing it into my class with the quote from Genesis. Thanks for this profound meditation. Cathy

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