Christians Practicing Yoga Retreat

Prayer Labyrinth at Graymoor
Photo by Joanne Spence

Today I am in the mountains of the state of New York. The map tells me that New York City is not that far away, but I cannot see, hear, taste, or smell the city. I hear cicadas, see trees, and smell frankincense, and taste friendship (it tastes like coffee). I am at a monastery at the Prayer of Heart and Body retreat / conference.

This is my third time to this retreat, and I am researching up a storm. The people here are responsible for theĀ most comprehensive website available for Christians practicing yoga. Their/our time together every two years is filled with intellectual sharpening, sharing, and stimulation, and from that comes the website. When I attend, I am usually the youngest person–by far. I love this. I feel like I’m learning from the masters.

Right now there’s so much going on in my mind that it’s hard to form a cohesive thought to share with you, so I’ll leave you with a photo that people have been circulating. It’s a painting of Jesus meditating by Swami Tadatmananda, of the Ramakrishna Order. Notice the heart-shaped hands in a mudra. My friend Kevin calls this rendition of Jesus “Satguru,” meaning guru of Truth.

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