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Today, on this important day of uncertainty, prayer, opinions, and votes, I offer this short vignette from Jean-Marie Déchanet O.S.B., the Father of Christian Yoga:

“I remember a friend’s project which wasn’t provoking any enthusiasm in me. She was planning to carry it out with the help of God. ‘You do not pray enough,’ she was telling me, ‘God can do anything.’ Sure, God can do it all, except being compelled into anything. The Spirit doesn’t side by our wishes. It doesn’t become our accomplice. ‘Pray, pray!’ No! Open up! Listen! Be ready to answer the call! The Spirit isn’t the prisoner of our endeavors, no matter how beautiful they are!

“That example justifies my life philosophy: faith in love, faith in life.”

from “Pearls of Wisdom,” collected by Dana Moore, O.S.B. Obl. 

for more about Fr. Déchanet, visit his biography on 

Photo: from the center of a prayer labyrinth in Massachusetts. Recently, I posted this picture as a Sabbath Savasana photo, but I thought it particularly apt to repost today. 

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