Gaming Family Nativity

This year, I wanted to find a nativity scene for the girls. We don’t have one, and I wandered around Etsy and Amazon, looking for something appealing…  and I didn’t find anything that called to me. But I did come across this “Super Simple Advent Ideas for Families.”

I was inspired to make one.

So I looked around the house and found extra game pieces. I suppose that’s what comes of living with the owner of Games Unlimited and all the extra game pieces he brings home from gaming conventions.

Which means that no games were destroyed in the creation of the following nativity scene, and we can put it away in a box for the girls to play with for years to come.

Siena and I sorted through them, and we found extra blocks for a stable, a baby Jesus, a Mary, and  Joseph:

We found pigs we could paint for sheep, meeples for shepherds, and some yellow items that we could glue and glitterfy for an angel:

We found robots to glitterfy for wise men:

And here’s our final product:


The pebbles (life counter stones) act as an Advent calendar. There are 24, for the 24 days of December. I love using these stones because I can add to them to extend the Advent calendar until now, so that she has a visual for how many days until we go to Nana and Papa’s house for Christmas.

I’m pretty sure that motherhood has reconnected me with my creative self. Now that Siena can use a scissors and a glue stick, the possibilities are endless.

Happy almost-Advent.

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