Holy Yoga

orchidsFrom Brooke Boon’s book Holy Yoga:


The word yoga comes from an ancient Sanskrit word meaning “unity” or “to join.” It also connotes discipline or effort. Yoga is about using discipline and effort toward the goal of unity. 

Scripture has much to say about unity! Jesus prayed for His disciples and all believers that we would be unified in each other and in Him (John 17:20-24). The apostle Paul urged us repeatedly to be unified in the body of Christ. In Colossians 3:14, Paul reminded us that love is the virtue that “binds them all together in perfect unity.” 

But is the unity of yoga the same as the unity we pursue as Christians? Traditionally, yoga is the discipline of unifying the body, mind, and spirit. In Holy Yoga, we pursue unity of body, mind, and His Holy Spirit that dwells within us, with the intent of worshiping and serving Christ with our entire beings. 

Many of us walk around in a fragmented state, whether or not we realize it. We experience our emotions separate from our thoughts; we experience our bodies as distant from our minds; we disconnect our spiritual lives from everything else, relating to God only on Sunday mornings or in dedicated times of prayer. In truth, all this compartmentalization is a false way of living. We are integrated beings: our thoughts, feelings, bodily experiences, and spiritual longings are all a part of who we are and are not meant to be experienced as separate. 

In order to worship God fully and to experience the lives He has set out for us, we need to be our most authentic, real, whole selves. Holy Yoga is a means to unifying ourselves so that we can open up fully to God’s grace and love. (5-6)


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