How To Be a Yogi

Breathe. (Well, maybe that’s more a requirement for “how to be alive.”)

Breathe intentionally.

Use this breath especially in line at the grocery store, when the elderly woman in front of you pulls out her clutch of expired coupons.

Keep breathing, except maybe not-so-deeply now that the man behind you has not showered in the recent past.

Step away.

Step away mindfully, noting how your weight shifts between ball to heel to ball again.

Center your weight between the ball and the heel of both feet.

Keep breathing–now drawing in scented, flowery perfume to keep away from the unwashed odor.

Pull your shoulders up to your ears and sigh-roll them back down behind you.

Lift the crown of your head up, as if your head is a bobbly helium-filled balloon rising to the top of the store.

Keep your attention inside your body. Ignore the coupons for cat food.

Lift one foot imperceptibly off the floor. Balance. Use the Milky Way candy bar as your visual focus point. It can be your treat for not getting mad at Coupon-Lady.

Note that your jaw is tense. You cannot raise your foot with your jaw. Relax the jaw. Breathe into the planted foot.

Try the other foot. Feel the cement floor under your shoes. Do not wish for green grass and fresh air. Stay here with the Milky Way.

Breathe. Yoga is not a class.

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