In which I reflect upon priorities and declare a blogging hiatus.

One of the last outdoor blooms of 2013.
One of the last outdoor blooms of 2013.

Last week, Sarah Bessey wrote a blog post entitled “In which I am electrocuted and break my toe and so decide to reflect upon my priorities.” Brilliant title, really – she says it all succinctly. Sarah touched an electric fence on a farm, broke her toe at the movie theatre (and stayed to watch the movie anyway!), and then wrote about her priorities—she has three: her family, her writing, and her community. She’s learning how her priorities help her make decisions about what activities she does and what she doesn’t do.

I haven’t been electrocuted, but I did run up the stairs the other day so fast that I bruised my toe pretty badly. I bet I sprained it. I was rushing. I really didn’t need to run up the stairs that fast.

And yesterday, I came down with a sore throat that felt like knives on fire when I woke up this morning. Whenever I get sick, I see it as my body telling me to SLOW DOWN.

So today I shuffled my activities around and am reflecting on my priorities.

Kylie and I have a rule of three: when you go to the grocery store, if you need three items or less, you do not need a list. As soon as you count more than three items, you need to start a list, or else you will forget something (and the other person will be disappointed because there’s no bananas in the morning).

I wonder if it’s the same with major priorities: as soon as you get more than three, something slips.

Here are my priorities, as of late:

  • Baby’s coming
  • Kylie & our marriage
  • The Open Door
  • A new semester of teaching three classes
  • Writing a book
  • Maintaining a blog

That’s six. Six major priorities, and I’m having a hard time juggling them all.

Like Sarah Bessey, I can lump the Baby and Kylie under the big umbrella of family—so now we’re down to five. The semester is my job, so I should probably keep that. I’m giving up the Open Door responsibilities (but not the people!) after Christmas to make room for the baby, so I have plans to whittle that one.

Writing a book and maintaining a blog could go under the umbrella of writing, but here’s the thing: with everything else that’s going on, I only have room for one of them. Ideally, the two would dovetail. And, while both of them are about yoga and Christianity, their content is not overlapping yet because I’m not at liberty to share my research publicly yet.

So if I have to choose between the book and the blog, right now, I have to choose the book. Then, once it’s at a place to share, I can revive the blog.

And so, we’re down to these:

  • Family
  • Semester
  • Book
  • (The Open Door)

That’s doable!

Thus, from now until the New Year, I declare this blog on hiatus in favor of working steadily away on the book. After the New Year, the priorities can be:

  • BABY (let’s be frank, the baby will be all-consuming for a bit)
  • Book
  • Blog

It will be the season of B’s.

See you then!

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