Madeleine L’Engle & Namasté

Photo by Pamela
Photo by Pamela Crane

On today’s date in Madeleine L’Engle’s Glimpses of Grace–a book of daily readings–I found this meditation:

“Called to Co-Create”

God created, and it was joy: time, space, matter. There is, and we are part of that is-ness, part of that becoming. That is our calling: co-creation. Every single one of us, without exception, is called to co-create with God. No one is too unimportant to have a share in the making or unmaking of the final showing-forth. Everything that we do either draws the Kingdom of love closer, or pushes it further off. That is a fearful responsibility, but when God made “man in our image, male and female,” responsibility went with it. Too often we want to let somebody else do it, the preacher, or the teacher, or the government agency. But if we are to continue to grow in God’s image, then we have to accept the responsibility.

God’s image! How much of God may be seen in me, may I see in others? Try as we may, we cannot hide it completely. 

A young reader knowing of my love of new words, sent me a beautiful one: namasté: I salute the God within you. 

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