PhoenixThis week I’m in Phoenix, interviewing for The Book. Yes, The Book. I’ve gone back and forth on titles, but for now–until some publisher convinces me otherwise–I’m titling it Jesus in Down Dog. For the book, I’m hanging out with amazing people who teach yoga from a Christian perspective. My major project this summer is to finish my research and to write chapter drafts for the research I already have.

Here in Phoenix, I’m hanging with Holy Yoga and Yahweh Yoga. Yesterday, I went to Brooke Boon’s yoga class, which was full of powerful yoga. She made me do Crow pose, which I haven’t done in eons. If you want to give the class a go, it’s been posted online! More than the yoga, though, what really impressed me about her class was how much people talked before and after the class. They were So Happy to be together that Brooke had to interrupt them to get the class moving.

The other beautiful element of Brooke’s class was her own transparency. In the middle of class, Brooke shared a letter from God to her that she had written the night before. Yesterday she posted it on her blog, where you can read it.

Tomorrow I get to spend time with DeAnna and Courtney at Yahweh Yoga, and I’m sure you’ll get to hear about them next week.

Finally–while I’m here, I’m housesitting for a relative. I get to hang out with this face:

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