Sabbath, Reflection, and Direction

Photo by Pamela Crane
Photo by Pamela Crane

I’m back online, friends!

Sometimes Sabbath isn’t just a time to rest, it’s also a time to step back, reflect, and reconsider. Over the past few weeks, one of the things I’ve been reflecting upon is this blog. Why do I write it? What do I hope folks will walk away with? What do I hope they find here?

When I think about questions like this—at the risk of sounding simplistic—one of the organizing principles in my life is my church, The Open Door. This church doesn’t call its participants “members,” the church calls them “covenant partners.” Partners is more participatory, and covenant means that for the duration of one’s time in the church, people commit to living by five principles.

It’s these five principles—verbs, really—that organize how Kylie and I understand our life rhythms. As covenant partners of the Open Door, we commit to listening together, learning together, eating together, giving together, and encouraging one another and those around us. As a community, our mission is to create passageways to God, others, and the world, in the way of Jesus. It’s our understanding that Jesus did these five verbs.

So I put these verbs in the back of my mind while I thought about this blog, and what it wants to be. Seriously—what the blog wants to be.

There are lots of schools of thought about art—about whether or not the art belongs to what the creator intends or to what the reader finds or whether the art just exists in its own space. I think I might be falling toward the latter—that I can create something, but that it also wants to be something. It’s my job as the writer to figure out what it wants to be and help it get there.

Now, I’m not saying that this blog aspires to art. I don’t think it is art in the literary sense. But it is a creation, something that I write little-by-little and it’s a whole big thing on its own, just out there, being on the internet and read in all kinds of weather.

I am saying that this blog is about something. And like anything in a syndicated form, it is becoming. Yoga and Christianity is the backdrop, sure—as is my background as a recovering perfectionist and Calvinist. Against that backdrop, what is this blog saying? What is it about? When you come here, what will it remind you to do? To be? To ponder?

Imperfectly Whole is about:

Brainstorm Cloud(Brainstorm Cloud created with Wordle.) When I put these words together with the organizing five practices from The Open Door, I get this:

Imperfectly Whole is about giving words to encourage interested people in listening to God through the body and learning more about how the body tells us about God via the vehicle of yoga.

(The only practice that didn’t make it in here is eating! I don’t know that there’s a way to eat together virtually…)

So what does this mean?

  1. This statement is an organizing idea for me as I think about what to write about. It gives me a vision / purpose / mission / enter-current-buzzword-here.
  2. I’m intrigued by the “learning” part – maybe I’ll start posting book reviews in addition to the quotes. Or putting in commentary about the quotes I put forth.
  3. Regarding the “listening” part, I’ve added a “Body Liturgy” tab on the menu for this page. Whenever I create a new body prayer to use at the Open Door for call to worship or prayer of confession, I’ll list it here as a reference page for you!

Did I miss anything? What are you reminded of or prompted to think of when you visit this page? Are you encouraged in any way you’d like me to focus on in the future?


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