Sabbath Rest

I’ve been quiet here for the past few weeks because this has been a BUSY semester! I’m juggling three classes of involuntarily new essay writers (first year college composition), tutoring, and mommying. It’s a busy, full life right now.

Before I picked up the third class, I committed to preaching on Sabbath Rest in October. Kylie and I have been practicing sabbath regularly for as long as our relationship, so it was, fortunately, a familiar enough topic to squeeze into a busy semester.

It’s also the key to my survival right now. I live for Sundays, the day when Kylie and I are both home with Siena, and the three of us can justĀ be together. No work. No email. No grading. No thinking about work, email, or grading.

Just sleeping in (as much as a toddler will allow), enjoying breakfast, church, naps, friends, walks, board games, and whatever else the day holds for us. It’s like a weekly vacation outside of time.


I’m writing this quick post to say that, if you’re so inclined, the sermon is available online! Listen in on our church’s conversation, and see where God is calling your heart to rest. [Click here.]

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