Sabbath Savasana – April 28

Yesterday, Kylie and I went to a Greek Orthodox church with some friends. The Orthodox church runs on a different calendar from the Catholics and Protestants, so we celebrated Palm Sunday twice this year!

palm sunday 2

This was the icon in the foyer–the icon that everyone kissed as they entered and exited the church. It was a very physical, tangible expression of faith. I’ve been keen to attend an Orthodox service because when people hear about what I’m writing, they often say that the Orthodox tradition retains a reverence for the body that the western church has lost.

palm sunday 1My dried up palm leaf, which some kind members of the church had shaped into a cross in advance of the Palm Sunday service (at my church, we are given long, thin palms and we fiddle with them during the service on our own).

*Apologies for the lame photos this Sunday.┬áThe church was gorgeous, but the day was rainy, and I totally forgot about photos…

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