Sabbath Savasana – July 15

Opa’s group nap

This is what my family feels like today. My dad’s family has spent the past two weeks together, finishing with a 159th birthday party yesterday for my grandparents (Grandpa = 80, Grandma = 79). We’re all the good kind of exhausted.

In the past two weeks, Kylie and I spent a week with my family’s celebration, and we spent a week with his family in California for his mom’s 70th birthday. We’ve had a blast introducing each other to our extended relatives and tromping through old stomping grounds.

And now we’re tired.

Today begins a weeklong vacation from vacation.

I will not be posting about the sutras this week. I’ll only be posting occasional pictures from our extended Sabbath Savasana. Expect to see lots of books, water, games, and yummy food.

See you in a week.

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