Sabbath Savasana – Sept 2

Today, I made prayer beads, using beads from old and new jewelry that just didn’t quite fit right. I think of it as a Christian heart chakra set of prayer beads.

There are 108 beads here, like a Hindu or Buddhist prayer bead design, but instead of all being the same, the beads are divided up into decades like the Roman Catholic rosary, and within the decades are groups of seven and three beads. There are also seven decades before the big green bead, one for each chakra, and three after the green bead, one for each member of the Trinity.

The beads include:

  • Picture Jasper (large beige stones): a “grounding and harmonizing stone”
  • Tiger’s Eye¬†(small brown flanking the jasper): for the ability to see what needs to be seen
  • Green Quartzite (in the middle of the white beads): for peace
  • Camandula Seeds (white beads): often used for rosaries
  • Green Beads: these two beads are green for the heart chakra

I may need to resize it so I can wear them around my wrist easier, but I’m very excited about using this set of prayer beads.

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