Sabbath Vacation

Last week in a snapshot: reading on the dock…

Last week Kylie and I went on “communications silent” from social media as we vacationed from our vacation. A whole week of reading, some board gaming, and more reading. We realized our techy gadgets own us with their notifications, rather than the gadgets being tools for our lives… ¬†and we’re still contemplating how we want to bend our techy tools to our wills.

Being communications silent let a lot of the busyness in our heads calm down, and I wonder what my daily life would be like if I checked email only twice a day instead of constantly hitting the refresh button. What do I hope will show up? I wonder if this form of discipline is also a kind of yoga, a kind of controlling the fluctuations of the mind by controlling when the techy intake occurs…

Food for further thought, for sure.

I’m not really ready to be back in my daily life with my jungle-weed of a lawn waiting to be mowed, but here I am. Our study of the sutras will resume tomorrow!

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One thought on “Sabbath Vacation

  1. I’m feeling increasingly owned by my techie gadgets as well and it’s darn difficult to curb this! I make lots of excuses, like “what else am I going to do while nursing a baby??” when really, I just need to turn the things off when I say I’m going to. I’m seriously considering getting a house phone again (despite the expense) just so I have no reason at all to leave my devices on when I want and need a break from them.

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