This Beautiful Mess

IMG_1353It’s worship, this beautiful mess:

For comforting an insomniac toddler in the middle of the night: Lord, hear our prayer. 

For talking about sleep issues at 4am because we’re both wide awake: Lord, have mercy.

For snuggles and kisses and books and hugs: We give you thanks, O God. 

For hair finally long enough for braids: We give you thanks, O God.

For writing syllabi for the fall semester, trying to stagger when students turn in essays: Lord, hear our prayer. 

For all the first-year college students moving into dorms: Lord, have mercy.

For bubbles floating away on a windy, humid day: We give thanks, O God.

For unexpected interviews and connections: We give thanks, O God.

For the life of the “Grandmother of the Neighborhood”: We give thanks, O God. 

For fires in California and Montana: Lord, have mercy. 

For crock-pot dinners and DocMcStuffins: We give thanks, O God. 

For all the things said and unsaid: Lord, hear our prayer.

For all the breaths, shallow and deep: We give thanks, O God. 


This post was written as part of the #wholemama linkup at As the semester is about to start, I imagine this will be my last linkup for a bit–but one never knows! 


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7 thoughts on “This Beautiful Mess

  1. Renee, I love this so much. It’s a beautiful psalm and a reminder that everything in our lives can be worship when we are giving thanks, asking for mercy, and asking God to hear our prayers. Thank you for sharing this. It’s beautiful!

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