Yoga in Schools Trial starts again on Monday

I’m published in Elephant Journal today, talking about the yoga-in-schools case starting up again on Monday. You should totally check it out. This is the “big thing” that was in the revision works a few weeks ago…

Recently, the Internet has been a’buzz with the yoga-in-schools court case in California.

At first I ignored the controversy, hoping it would just disappear. Maybe they would settle outside of court. But the case only got louder, so I began paying attention.

Sedlock v. Baird is about parents in the Encinitas Union School District protesting a school yoga program. The court case began discussing the origins and aims of yoga rather than just the particular program under scrutiny. Bloggers traced the parents to the extreme Christian right and speculated about what their strength means for politics and yoga. Could this case end funding for other yoga-in-schools programs?

Over the three-day case, the court could not come to a conclusion, and is now on hiatus until June 24, when more witnesses will be called.

I am now watching because I’m a yoga teacher, certified in Yoga Ed, a curriculum that brings yoga into schools. I’m also a Christian, although sometimes I’m uncomfortable admitting it. I’m also a former high school teacher turned university writing instructor. To tie those three things together: I’m writing a book about Christians who practice yoga.

I think Christians actually have something to say about how to teach yoga in schools—not the Christians who are calling for the court case, but the Christians who are already in schools teaching all kinds of subjects.

Finish reading at Elephant Journal.

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