Yoga and the last week of class

This week is the last week of the semester. My students function like zombies, moving through the motions to get their final papers done, to study for finals, to get closer to the bliss of winter break.

As the teacher, I am not much better. November was long and difficult, and I am just as ready for that break as my students are.

So as we enter this week, I find myself mixing metaphors. I find myself thinking about God as living water, and giving life, but also quiet water, restoring tired souls and bodies.

When I am overwhelmed by a long day, I find my breath, knowing that in this moment, I can sit here with this one student, with this class, with grading this one essay, with this meeting, and be present for this hour. God gives me this breath, and I can be present in this moment.

When I notice this moment, now, I find my chin jutting out in front of me. It’s like my chin wants to be in the next moment, wants the day to be over, wants to be on to the next thing. This jutting causes stress on my neck, my throat, my vocal chords, and my spine.

So I pull my chin back, create length in the back of my neck, and drink water. Here, now.

This is yoga off the mat.

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