Yoga Trial Update

The yoga trial, Sedlock v. Baird, began again on Monday. However, the news coverage of second half of the yoga trial in the Encinitas Union School District is not nearly as well covered as the first half. This is weird to me because the yoga community was in an uproar over the first half.

But there are other important court cases happening this week, so I can understand the lack of enthusiasm.

Anyway, here’s what I have found out:

On Monday, the yoga trial began with new witnesses from both sides:

  • For the plaintiff, the parents behind the lawsuit testified.¬†
  • For the defense, at least one yoga teacher demonstrated what she teaches in class.

What I appreciate about these witnesses is that they are directly related to the case at hand–not to the overall questions about yoga in general. These witnesses were applicable to the yoga program actually in the Encinitas Union School District. Since that’s what the case is about, I’m glad the witnesses testified to the program specifically.

On Tuesday, the plaintiff’s lawyer took FIVE HOURS to make his closing statement. Considering it was the fifth day in court, five hours seems a bit long to me. Apparently, though, the lawyer was interrupted by the judge because he kept making statements that weren’t directly corroborated by the witnesses exact statements.

Thus, today is NOT the last day of the trial. That will be tomorrow.

I’m still pretty curious how this all will turn out.

Again, if you want to read more of my thoughts, hop on over to Elephant Journal!

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2 thoughts on “Yoga Trial Update

  1. Just for clarification, when you say “prosecuting attorney” and “prosecutor” do you mean “plaintiff’s attorney” and “plaintiff?” Prosecutors are attorneys who work for the state to bring charges against those accused of crimes.

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