A Yogi Cat Vignette

Coconut’s morning face.

Last week, I woke up one morning and did. not. want. to. get. out. of. bed.

Usually, I get up after Kylie leaves at 5:30 a.m. I wander down the hall to my yoga mat, turn on the Pray as You Go podcast, and gently stretch and pray. Kylie listens to Pray as You Go in the car, and it’s a tiny form of connection as we start our days apart.

Coconut usually follows me down the hall, claws at me for a moment or two on the mat, then jumps up on the stool in front of the window. When I’m done with yoga, she follows me down the stairs for our vices: coffee and canned cat food.

On this particular morning, though, I did. not. want. to. get. out. of. bed. But I couldn’t risk going back to sleep either, so I turned on Pray as You Go and listened while lying in bed. Coconut lay on my chest, purring contently.

Pray as You Go ended, and I took a shower to help the waking up process. Coconut waited for me by sitting on the scale in the bathroom. (She’s sneaky: she always covers up the screen so I can’t see how much she weighs).

She watched me get ready for the day, and then she started talking. “Meow,” she said, rubbing against my legs. She followed me to the bedroom: “Meow,” again, staring up at me. “Meow.” It was a definitive meow. She wanted my attention. She wanted something and she wanted to tell me what.

So I said, “What’s up, Coke?”

She walked back down the hallway, looking up at me every few steps. “Meow,” she said. “You’re following, right, Mom?”

(I have resigned myself to knowing that I am the mother of a cat. Not as fancy as Mother of Dragons, but it’s enough.)

Coconut marched into the dark yoga room, waltzed onto the mat, and flopped onto her side, purring.

“You forgot something, Mom. You forgot your yoga.”

I obeyed, kneeling on the mat next to her. Thinking that she wanted me to pet her, I reached out to touch her side. But she got up and jumped onto the stool by the window: she didn’t want me to pet her. She wanted me on the yoga mat.

So I stretched out into Extended Puppy Pose – just like she does when she wakes up.

Out of the mouths of cats.

This morning she struck this pose.
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3 thoughts on “A Yogi Cat Vignette

  1. I laughed out loud. It’s so cool that Coconut has formed that habit of expecting your moves, and it’s “upsetting” (or confusing, or whatever) to her when things are unexpected and change. Now if only I could teach Addie to drag me to my chair on dark mornings…

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