You Got The Light

Today I was riding the bus to campus when we pulled up to an intersection, and a man waiting for the bus started shouting, “You got it! You got the light!”

In my head, I heard Light with a capital L–but even though the man was standing on a corner with a church, I doubted that’s what he meant. So I looked around.

A woman was standing on the other side of the intersection, trying to cross one of those wide intersections with lanes and a median and zooming cars. At first, I thought he was shouting at her to press the “walk” button, that her button would control the lights. But no: she needed to get to the bus, and she had a green light even if the “walk” sign wasn’t on. He was shouting at her that she could cross the intersection safely now, that the light was in her favor.

She finally caught his meaning and bustled across the five lanes, hopping safely onto the bus. She sat down next to him, and the two started chatting away. They were strangers; now they were friends.

I watched them, still thinking about his words: “You got the light!”

Of course we do.

The Light. Capital Letters. The Light. The Light of the World. The Light of Love. The God of Love. The Light as opposed to the darkness.

You got The Light. It’s safe to act. Cross the road. Do your thing. Make your move. It’s safe.

How many times am I afraid to do something when the light is in my favor, but I don’t see it? How many times have I missed crossing the road because I’m afraid or just not watching?

Go forth without fear. You got The Light.

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